"Z" Caving Club Oradea

Summer Camp - Vărăşoaia 2010
July 30 - August 08, 2010


Organized at the traditional location in the North-Vărăşoaia depression ("At the Pit") with the participation of many clubs: Politehnica Cluj, Czárán Gyula Tinca, Cristal Oradea, Z Oradea, as well as many participants of various caving club from Hungary.

A diversity of activities were conducted at the following objectives:

  • V5 - VĂRĂŞOAIA SYSTEM - A team constituting of Ovidiu Pop (Politehnica Cluj), Mihai Bădescu (Silex Braşov) and Radu Pop (Z Oradea) explored about 1 km of new passages during a 6 day subterranean camp. Also, during this camp about 500 m of passages were surveyed. The endeavour was hindered by high water flows encountered in certain sectors of the cave.
  • R2 - PADIŞ PLAINS - During the summer camp several entries in this cave were carried out. About 1 km of new passage in the final section of the cave was explored and partially surveyed. In this activity participated Perényi Katalin, Zih József (Z Oradea), Kucsera Márton, Németh Zsolt, Köblös Csaba, Losonci Gábor... (Hungary).
  • VĂRĂŞOAIA SOUTH - A new work objective was identified -Groapa cu Băncuţe (=The Pit with Small Benches)- a hole with air current sitting on the bottom of a sinkhole. After 3 days of digging the work stopped at -7 m at a squeeze that makes the entry difficult. The draft existing at the present terminus motivates the continuation of further work. In digging participated Alina (Politehnica Cluj), Bruncsák Tamás (Cristal Oradea), Zih József, Perényi Katalin, Pusztai László, Paul Damm, Katalin Kocsis, Szűcs Szabolcs (Z Oradea). In the vicinity of the work geodesic measurements were carried out by Mátyási Sándor and Mátyási Lajos (Czárán Gyula Tinca) based on electric resistivity to establish the direction and size of the underground void.
  • DOSUL RĂCHITEI - Fluorescein marker was released into a temporary sinkhole called Ponorul din Dosul Răchitei. The endeavour was coordinated by Paul Damm and the participants were Feigel Lóránd (Denevér Barlangkutató Csoport Nyíregyháza), Katalin Kocsis, Călin Pop, Szűcs Szabolcs (Z Oradea).
  • PONORUL RENGHII - Several digging activities were carried out over an objective in the Renghii Sinkhole/Ponor zone. The work was temporarily suspended due to lack of time. Participated Perényi Katalin, Zih József (Z Oradea), Kucsera Márton, Németh Zsolt, Köblös Csaba, Losonci Gábor... (Hungary).