"Z" Caving Club Oradea

"Z" Caving Club - Oradea

Reconnaissance trip in Valău 2 Cave

Albioara, Pădurea Craiului (=King's Forest) Mountain

On the date of November 20th, 2010, within the Cristal Caving Club /Oradea/ Days, took place a Cristal - Z Oradea inter-club caving trip of reconnaissance in Valău 2 that was explored and surveyed during the '80s by a C.S.E.R. București team led by Viorel Lascu. The direct scope of this endeavour was to verify the terminus points and question marks shown on the existing map of the cave, as well as to identify some of the possibilities of continuation of the known passages.

The cave, consisting of more than 1 km of passages, is accessible through one of the Albioara Mine tunnels that intercepted the natural underground cavity in its middle zone. The majority of the passages shows signs of formation under the regime freatic with subsequent vadous alterations. The presence of alluvial embankments (rolled cobble) in the eastern zone of the cave proves the theory of the existence of a significant principal stream which passed through certain sections of this cavern until the level dropped and deserted the present day passages. There are several streams of water present in the cave, none of them having significant flow, distributed all over in various zones of the cave, though the chances of intercepting a main drain are slim. The only stream intercepting the cave and it is worthy of mentioning is the Valău Spring, although this can only be followed along a short loop in the lower section of the cave (downstream terminus).

One of the general conclusions of this trip is that the chances of continuation of this cave are relatively low due to the fact that the entire underground cavity is "highly explored". The reconnaissance trip resulted the identification of two possibilities of continuation, which at this point in time are impenetrable squeezes. The works in these locations need high-tech rock-excavation and a large scale action-plan. Beyond to one of these objectives - a stricture forced to the limit of possibilities - a large space can be seen and trickling sounds a water stream can be heard. Work is in progress. Participants of this caving trip were: Tamás Bruncsák, Attila Farkas (Pötyi), Raluca Ianc, Cristian Petrescu, Dan Pitic (Pityu), Desideriu Szabó (Tzupi), Szabolcs Szûcs.

Valea Rea

Excavation Trip in Valea Rea (=Bad Valley) Cave
October 28 - November 1, 2010

In this period a subterranean camp with bivouac took place in the Valea Rea Cave, with the main scope being the continuation of the excavations at the work point called "The Chinese People's Army". Members of the "Z" Caving Club of Oradea have participated.

linkDetails   As a result of continuing excavation/digging at the objective named "The Chinese People's Army" the breakdown that blocked the access into a zone with strong air current was successfully passed...

Fața Muncelului

Summer Camp - Vărășoaia 2010
July 30 - August 08, 2010

In this period the annual summer camp of Z - Vărășoaia Team took place. Member of the speleo clubs Politehnica Cluj, Czárán Gyula Tinca, Cristal Oradea, Z Oradea, as well as other people of various caving clubs from Hungary took part of the action.

linkDetails   Organized at the traditional location in the North-Vărășoaia depression ("At the Pit") with the participation of many clubs...