"Z" Caving Club Oradea

Excavation Trip in Valea Rea (=Bad Valley) Cave
October 28 - November 1, 2010

As a result of continuing excavation/digging at the objective named "The Chinese People's Army" the breakdown that blocked the access into a zone with strong air current was successfully passed. There is a real danger of collapse present in this passage. Passing through the suspended boulders was done with as much caution as is possible, one of the members of the team giving up the exploration of the new zone only to secure the passage zone during the retreat of the attack team. The upper section of the breakdown intercepts a fossil passage of considerable dimensions (of 3 m width and 5-6m height), which, after about 50 m intercepts the uphill section of an already known effluent of the "Râul de Nămol Nr. 2."(=Mud River No. 2), which in turn is an effluent of the Principal Collector. The explorations were stopped by the lack of ropes on the fossil passage in the two points where the passage protrudes into the zone of the aforementioned effluent. The cumulative length of the newly discovered passages is not more than 100 m.
Penetrating the "Chinese People's Army" passage brought the excavation works rigged in 1995 to an end, excavation in which during these 15 years have participated more than 50 cavers from various clubs. Exploration and survey of new passages will be continued during the next endeavours.

During the same campaign a series of re-surveys were executed, namely in between the points called "La T" (=at the T) and "Picioarele de Capre Albe" (=White Goat legs). In the middle zone of the cave the identification of possible leads of the Principal Collector's fossil passage was also continued - with limited success. In this activity have participated Perényi Katalin, Zih József and Szűcs Szabolcs /Z Oradea/.