"Z" Caving Club Oradea

"Z" Caving Club - Oradea

V5 Waikiki Beach

linkV5 - Vărășoaia System (3440/21)

  • Location: Bihor Mountains, Closed Depression of Vărășoaia. The entrance to the V5 Pothole is located on the East slope of Mount Vărășoaia at an absolute altitude of 1366.9 m. The resurgence of the system is the Boga Spring situated at the absolute altitude of 669.6 m.

  • Extention: 19250 m.

  • Elevation Difference: -653 m /Deepest cave in Romania/

Valea Rea - The Collector

linkValea Rea Cave (3434/23)

  • Location: Bihor Mountains, Valea Rea (=Bad Valley) Basin, Cornu Muntelui Zone. The two entrances (Adrian's Sinkhole - the "old entrance", and the new one) are located in the right side of the valley under the Cornu Muntelui Peak, in the forest near the tree line, at an absolute altitude of 1300 m. The resurgence of the system is represented by the Valea Câcată Resurgence, an effluent from the right side of "Valea Rea".

  • Extention: 16357 m.

  • Elevation Difference: -382 m.